There is no doubt that this flooring solution will give your floor that

WOW factor you’ve been looking for.

Metallic Resin Flooring in Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Gold Coast

With a glass like finish and depth that has a subtle reflective sparkle, metallic flooring is unique and no two floors are the same. 

There is no surprise that this elegant and beautiful floor attracts attention. When seen in restaurants, showrooms or even just pictures on the internet this visually spectacular floor leaves people with a WOW impression and a desire to know what product it is. 

With metallic pigments mixed in with desired colours this almost glitter like result twists and turns in its own unique way. Different creative installation techniques are used to achieve different effects with this amazing flooring solution, and the 3 dimensional result is mesmerising. 

All the same advantages apply to this attractive flooring solution as the flake or solid colour style. Its seamless and easy to clean, low maintenance, stain and chemical resistant, extremely durable, antibacterial, uv resistant, available with gloss, semigloss or matte finishes and has the option of adding additives if slip resistance is required.

coloured Epoxy Flooring - Moreton Bay Floors

This creative and aesthetically pleasing floor will achieve any and all of your performance needs. Waiting rooms, night clubs, man caves, showrooms and galleries are just some of the great places these floors are installed.

Using a cheap, inferior resin will only result in a dimpled or hazed and blushed floor without a high quality finish. Moreton Bay Floors only use the best products and are proud of each and every floor they instal. At an affordable price and a long life expectancy with minimal maintenance, you can’t get better value for money than a Metallic floor.

The UV top coat

Because we instal a UV stable polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat over the floor, this flooring solution will not fade or change colour over time. The finish is seamless, durable and resistant to cracking, there is no waxing or polishing needed and a light sweep or mop is all that is required, making Metallic Resin Floors one of the most durable and hygienic floors available. They are well known for their excellent chemical resistance. Many hospitals and clinics all favour these resins as they will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills from oils, acidic solutions, detergents and other surface contaminants.

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Check out the AMAZING range of colours below

  • Devices such as digital cameras, computer monitors, printers, and scanners produce colour differently. Therefore, the sample or product may not look exactly like the image that you see on your screen.
  • No two floors will ever look the same with endless creative techniques that can be used to create a style that you can call your own.

  • Devices such as digital cameras, computer monitors, printers, and scanners produce colour differently. Therefore, the sample or product may not look exactly like the image that you see on your screen.

Standard Range

Full AS2700 Colour Range

Solid Colours

If the metallic look is not quite what you’re after why not try a solid colour. We use different techniques on internal floors as well as adding a clear glaze top coat for depth. This high quality seamless flooring solution will leave you with a high end designer feel.

Outstanding chemical resistance and durability it is still more than ideal for your floor. Cleaning will be easier whether its food, oil, wine or chemicals and knowing that there is no maintenance or polishing to do will make life that little bit easier.

Flood over your old tiles and annoying grout lines and recover it with a seamless stylish innovative Metallic Resin Floor will have your family and friends envious of your designer look.

Metallic Resin Floors are suitable for:

  • Mancaves

  • Offices

  • Showrooms

  • Schools and Government buildings

  • Bar areas

  • Rumpus rooms

  • Childcare and Clinics

  • Casinos and Hotels

  • Laboratories

  • Residential homes

  • Sporting venues

  • Hairdressers

This Individual Flooring Solution will make you proud of what you walk on.